May 24th, 2013


помогите перевести, плс

Dear Julia,

Thank you very much for you inquiry. The easiest way to find out, if we can accept your credit card, is to order via our website:
As we only ship within the EU, you should chose as your billing address your Finish address as well.
If you want to use our website for ordering, please fill in your address and state the country at a later step. During the order process on our homepage, you will have the possibility to give us additional information to your order. Please, state in that field, that the country of the shipping address is Finland. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

чего конкретно они имеют в виду?
я так поняла, что просто надо сделать заказ, и вместо реального русского биллинг адреса ввести шипинг адрес, который в Финляндии, потому как шипят они только в пределах ЕС?